You have every reason to be happy that you choose to pursue a job as a freelance writer because it gives you complete control over your life. As a freelancer, you can strive to maintain the ideal work-life balance, and generate content majestic, however, there are also many more fascinating aspects to it.

Writing web content is a terrific and well-liked technique to get money online. The job of article writing has proven to be a lucrative one for many college students. There are several of these professionals who work only on content creation. Anyone who is proficient in writing and the English language can work as a content writer.

Content writing as a career

A career in freelance writing might be uncertain. Since many clients need authors with experience and recommendations, it can be challenging to break into the market when just starting out. But if you're new to a specialty, how can you get either?

It might be challenging to predict your monthly income, even after you start working as a freelance writer. There is no assurance that you will make the same amount next month even if you earned $100,000 this month. Often, after spending weeks working with a customer, freelance writers discover they have no work scheduled for the future. A genuine writing difficulty exists. A lot of tension and restless nights may result from this.

Fortunately, hundreds of freelance resources are available on many websites; all you need to do is pitch them. Some of these websites can be accessed without charge, while others need a nominal monthly fee. Naturally, using free websites requires more time.

Best websites to find the freelancing content writers

1. Panda Copy 

Panda Copy provides a limitless amount of content and edits for a set monthly charge. In this way, clients in need of copywriting services (like yourself) can receive excellent work for less money when it comes to writing and editing. They provide two monthly plans, which is one distinctive differentiation. Additionally, they have a lot of expertise in producing concise text.

Utilizing Panda Copy has the benefit of assisting businesses with a surplus of marketing concepts but a shortage of staff. You are free to create as many blogs, articles, copy, social media posts, and tales as you want using Panda Copy. Furthermore, since the number of revisions and word count are both included in their prices, you won't need to worry about additional fees.

2. Content Refined 

Freelancers' content creation never consists just of writing. It can take some time for freelancers to become proficient in areas of content generation including SEO, keyword research, and even formatting and posting in WordPress.

When it comes to writing freelancing sites, Content Refined is your best hands-off alternative for people who don't want to perform the background work of conducting keyword research and developing SEO tactics.

3. SEO Butler

Clients can submit requests for written content, guest posts on other websites, social signals, and citations on the content production website SEO Butler. Clients only need to identify the sort of material they desire as well as additional information like word count. (DDIY, n.d.)

Customers can select from a variety of topics for their content writing service, including product descriptions, affiliate reviews, and blog entries. Users receive their written material in roughly 6 days after supplying particular information like the word count.

4. Fiverr

One of the finest places to interact with potential freelancers is Fiverr, where over a thousand devoted writers use the site to find employment. The name of the website, Fiverr, refers to the fact that all services were first offered for just $5, and it tries to make the process of matching clients and authors more effective for everyone involved.

Customers use the site's powerful filter options to search through the list of freelance writers to discover the best match. You have many options for filtering writers, including their price range, body of work, language, and writing style.

5. Upwork

Let me tell you one thing: it's challenging to find the greatest freelance writing website. There are a lot of freelance websites out there that either pay little or ignore you. The majority of independent writers are hesitant to accept internet assignments because of this. (Agarwal, 2022)

If you belong to this group, don't panic; Upwork is one of the top platforms for writers looking for freelance employment. Designers, marketers, and anybody else looking for freelance work can use it in addition to writers.

6. Writer Access

On the platform known as WriterAccess, you may hire skilled freelance writers to work on your writing assignment. No matter who you employ, you'll get a high-quality output because they thoroughly evaluate their writers to make sure they can meet strict writing requirements.

7. SEO Content Hero

Located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, SEO Content Hero is a writing business that specializes in content that has been search engine optimized. Few content writing businesses have more experience producing SEO material than our close-knit team of writers, researchers, and marketers.

Customers choose one of three writing styles—Authority, Professional, or Elite—and then set the word count for their piece. For an additional fee, they can also add on more SEO tools like Surfer SEO.

8. Constant Content

Constant Content provides professional writers who can create excellent web content for your blogs and social media accounts. Because of their experience working with companies like CVS, Uber, and Home Depot, their writers are held to a very high standard of professionalism. 

9. The Writer Finder

A developing company called The Writer Finder connects clients with independent blog writers to create high-quality material. The Writer Finder presents you with three freelance candidates once clients supply information about their website or business.

10. Text Broker

A highly focused freelance website is TextBroker. In order to offer its customers high-quality material, Textbroker makes sure that authors are from the target nations for each platform.


Content writing although it may seem but is a demanding job where one does not have to write but have to do the editing as well.

Editing and proofreading are two distinct but related processes. They are not exactly the same, but they both carry out different levels of tasks that fall under the category of revision, and they are considered to work as compensatory mechanisms for one another.

All of this has to be taken care of by the content writer which is why they are one of the most highly-paid professionals in the world.